Medipol Mega University Hospital

Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world, and a cultural hub between the Middle East and Europe. The Ottomans were traditionally advanced in medicine in medieval times, and this tradition has carried over to the modern.

The Medipol Mega University Hospital is a leading hospital in Turkey. The hospital has 470 beds and houses four unique hospitals inside its premise. There is an oncology hospital that specializes in medical and radiation oncology, as well as surgery. A second hospital specializes in cardiology for children and adults. Also included are a dental hospital and a general hospital. Truly, it is a hospital that can support nearly any need.

As the hospital is affiliated with Medipol University, the hospital is a center for education and research, fine Ottoman traditions the Turks are proud to continue. Members of the hospital staff are trained in English as well as Arabic, and the hospital provides an online medical consultation with the receipt of medical reports. This service is offered free.

Situated in the capital of Turkey, the Medipol is in a fine location to see the best Istanbul has to offer, including the Topkapi Palace and the world-famous Istanbul Spice Bazaar.

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