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Mission Hospital

Located in Bangkok, Thailand

Mission Hospital in Thailand is a non-profit hospital, so you will know that the doctors and staff who work there are working for the patients instead of the money that is made. Several medical services are offered on various floors of the hospital. Mission Hospital is noted for its cancer clinic. This is a clinic where cancer diagnoses are made as well as treatments for all types of cancers. Treatment options include chemotherapy and radiation as well as surgery. The dental clinic is another state-of-the-art department where several dental procedures are performed that include fillings, extractions and root canals.

Patients will also find that the hospital leads the area in heart procedures and diagnostic exams along with the latest technology that is used for minimally invasive surgery. Screenings for conditions that include diabetes, cancer, the heart and the liver are conducted at the hospital with treatment options in place from leading doctors in the country.

General Information

Free Wifi


None None Dr. Sundhorn Buranawatanachoke

Dr. Sundhorn Buranawatanachoke

None None Dr. Najnapa Wachiratarapadorn

Dr. Najnapa Wachiratarapadorn

None None Dr. Jai Prakash Suntewari

Dr. Jai Prakash Suntewari

None None Dr. Nick Walter

Dr. Nick Walter

None None Dr. Chaicharn Deerochanawong

Dr. Chaicharn Deerochanawong

None None Dr. Wichai Ungkasekvinai

Dr. Wichai Ungkasekvinai

None None Dr. Kamton Chirachevin

Dr. Kamton Chirachevin

None None Dr. Siam Sirinthornpunya

Dr. Siam Sirinthornpunya

None None Dr. Vasun Setthawong

Dr. Vasun Setthawong

None None Dr. Supamas Sinpheng

Dr. Supamas Sinpheng

None None Dr. Thaiyin Srimongkol

Dr. Thaiyin Srimongkol


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430 Pitsanulok Rd. Dusit, 10300 Bangkok, Thailand



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