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Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore

Founded over 30 years ago with 2 convenient locations in Singapore, Mount Elizabeth hospital is well known as one of the premier healthcare providers in Southeast Asia. Mount Elizabeth has received the Joint Commission International accreditation for the outstanding level of care it offers to patients. The hospital employs highly skilled physicians, nurses and administrators that specialize in pediatrics, OBGYN, neurology, cardio and more. Each year, numerous international patients visit the hospital to receive treatment, whether they're in the country on business or simply taking a short vacation. Patients can make an appointment with Mount Elizabeth by contacting the hospital's healthcare team and speaking with a representative.

Mount Elizabeth is located on Irrawaddy road and near the corner of Orchard Road and Bideford Road, only a short drive from Downtown Core and the Changi International Airport. There are numerous highly rated hotels and restaurants within close proximity to the hospital, making it a very attractive medical treatment choice for international visitors.

General Information


None None Dr. TAN Ann

Dr. TAN Ann

None None Dr. Soo Yong CHUA

Dr. Soo Yong CHUA

None None Dr. Ming Hian KAM

Dr. Ming Hian KAM

None None Dr. Michael SOON

Dr. Michael SOON

None None Dr. Kiok Miang Roy KOH

Dr. Kiok Miang Roy KOH

None None Dr. Kian Chung ONG

Dr. Kian Chung ONG

None None Dr. Jeffery CHEW

Dr. Jeffery CHEW

None None Dr. Felicia TAN Li Sher

Dr. Felicia TAN Li Sher

None None Dr. CHIA Su-Ynn

Dr. CHIA Su-Ynn

None None Dr. Boon Swee OOI

Dr. Boon Swee OOI

None None Dr. Beng

Dr. Beng

None None  Julian TAN Ko

Julian TAN Ko

None None Dr. Yuet Chen

Dr. Yuet Chen

None None  Michael WONG

Michael WONG

None None Dr. Yu-Meng TAN

Dr. Yu-Meng TAN

None None Dr. Yah Yuen TAN

Dr. Yah Yuen TAN

None None Dr. Wei Han CHUA

Dr. Wei Han CHUA

None None Dr. Tiong Ann TEOH

Dr. Tiong Ann TEOH

None None Dr. Tiew

Dr. Tiew

None None  Philip ENG Cher

Philip ENG Cher

None None Dr. Thirugnanam AGASTHIAN

Dr. Thirugnanam AGASTHIAN

None None Dr. Teck Joo

Dr. Teck Joo

None None  Kelvin THIA

Kelvin THIA

None None Dr. TAN Yeh Hong

Dr. TAN Yeh Hong


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