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MVZ Fertility Center Wiesbaden

Located in Wiesbaden, Germany

MVZ VivaNeo Kinderwunschzentrum Wiesbaden is a fertility clinic devoted to research into the causes of infertility as well as treatment to help couples who have had difficulty conceiving. In operation since 1996 under the direction of Dr. Martin Schorsch and Dr. Thomas Hahn, the clinic is located at Mainzer Straße 98-102 in Wiesbaden.

The clinic is known for its high success rate with more than 10,000 babies born to women who have come there for treatment. New technologies are incorporated quickly into treatment to enhance chances for successful conceiving. MVZ Fertility Center offers a wide range of treatment options, including classic insemination, hormonal stimulation, in-vitro fertilization and micro-injections. The facility also treats male infertility and offers cryopreservation of female eggs.

The center is part of Vivaneo network, an association of reproductive medical facilities that shares research and clinical information. In addition, MVZ Fertility Center cooperates with the Genetic Institute of the University Hospital Mainz. The center has teams dedicated to specific areas of reproductive biology, including gynaecological endocrinology, andrology and operative areas as well as administrative tasks. Patients are assigned to a coordination physician who stays with them through their entire course of treatment in state-of-the-art facilities.

General Information


None None Prof. Dr. med. Inka Wiegratz

Prof. Dr. med. Inka Wiegratz

None None Dr. med. Wolfram Lorei

Dr. med. Wolfram Lorei

None None Dr. med. Thomas Hahn

Dr. med. Thomas Hahn

None None Dr. med. Michael Amrani

Dr. med. Michael Amrani

None None Dr. med. Martin Schorsch

Dr. med. Martin Schorsch

None None Dr. med. Julia Limberg

Dr. med. Julia Limberg

None None Dr. med. Geza Adasz

Dr. med. Geza Adasz

None None Dr. med. Eva Rau

Dr. med. Eva Rau

None None Dr. med. Birgit Borzager

Dr. med. Birgit Borzager

None None Dipl. Biologie Heiko Turley

Dipl. Biologie Heiko Turley

None None  Karin Schilberz

Karin Schilberz


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Mainzer Straße 98-102, 65189 Wiesbaden



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