National Taiwan University Hospital

The National Taiwan University Hospital was founded in 1895, and in the years since, they have successfully served countless patients. They offer a wide variety of medical services and are one of the world's leading providers of heart transplants, endoscopic procedures, and angiographic procedures. Their research teams have made many important medical discoveries over the years, and they always stay up-to-date on the newest and best treatment methods. The hospital established their International Medical Service Center in January 2006. They are the health care facility for the American Institute in Taiwan and for many foreign embassies and missions. Since 2010, they have been accredited by the Joint Commission International, meaning they meet the quality standards for international health care and patient care. In 2013, they also received accreditation as an Academic Medical Center Hospital. The hospital is a popular destination for international patients, and they receive more than 6,500 international patients every year.

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