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Neuroclinique de Casablanca

Located in Casablanca, Morocco

Neuroclinique de Casablanca in Morocco is located a short distance from the Casablanca International Airport along the Casablanca-Rabat Motorway. Casablanca is known for being Morocco’s center of business and industry, and it’s known for being the gateway to the rest of the country. A few points-of-interest include the Hassan II Mosque, the Medina district, and the Corniche beachfront district.

The clinic has been open since 2000, and it has 40 beds including six intensive care beds. This multi-purpose clinic is equipped to handle medical and surgical emergencies. The rooms are either single, double, or mini-suite, and they all have a shower, television, air conditioning, and Wifi. The doctors at Neuroclinique de Casablanca specialize in many areas of medical care and surgical procedures such as neurosurgery, ENT surgery, vascular surgery, nephrology, endocrinology, ophthalmology, and more. They use the latest in advanced medical equipment to perform surgical and non-invasive procedures. Before being admitted to the clinic, patients should have their ID, health insurance information, information about their illness and medications being taken, and the name, address, and phone number of their physician available.

General Information

Free Wifi


None None Dr. Karim Houidi

Dr. Karim Houidi

None None Dr. Maria Kahhak-Houidi

Dr. Maria Kahhak-Houidi

None None Prof. Dr. Andaloussi Yassir

Prof. Dr. Andaloussi Yassir

None None Prof. Dr. Laraki Zinelabidine

Prof. Dr. Laraki Zinelabidine

None None Prof. Dr. Bennani Saad

Prof. Dr. Bennani Saad

None None Prof. Dr. Ouarab Mohamed

Prof. Dr. Ouarab Mohamed

None None Dr. Douzani Kamal

Dr. Douzani Kamal

None None Prof. Dr. Boubya

Prof. Dr. Boubya

None None Prof. Dr. El Ouardi Fouad

Prof. Dr. El Ouardi Fouad

None None Dr. Sami Mustafa

Dr. Sami Mustafa

None None Prof. Dr. Othmani Hicham

Prof. Dr. Othmani Hicham

None None Dr. Belksir Adnane

Dr. Belksir Adnane


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2 Angle Rue de L'isere Et Rue Nø 2, 20502 Casablanca, Morocco



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