Pablo Solis is a renowned plastic surgery clinic located at Hospital La Catolica Sector 3 (Consultorio 18) in San Jose. Dr. Solis offers both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures to patients who not only want to look more youthful and vital, but also patients seeking to eliminate scars or defects caused by accident, trauma, injury or disease.

Each patient's specific plastic surgery needs presents a challenge to Dr. Pablo Solis, who works from the initial consultation with his patient to establish a close doctor-patient bond in order to achieve superior results and 100% patient satisfaction. His clinic offers patients a supportive environment in which to achieve physical and psychological transformations, through the use of such innovative and exacting techniques as microsurgery.

Pablo Solis provides a full range of cosmetic and restorative surgical treatments, including eyelid and nose surgery, tummy, buttocks, breast and facial lifts, as well as such non-surgical procedures as wrinkle correction, dermal fillers, autologous fat transfer, and botulinum toxins. Since opening the doors to his clinic five years ago, Pablo Solis has restored the appearance as well as the self-confidence of hundreds of men and women for whom his surgical skills have been transformative and often life-changing.

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