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PanAsia Surgery Group

The PanAsia Surgery Group was designed to be the one-stop-shop for Singaporeans in need of surgery. All of the surgeries performed at these clinics are minimally invasive and use the latest and greatest in surgical technology. The team at PanAsia Surgery Group has a wide range of specialties. The three “Centers of Excellence” at PanAsia include the weight loss and metabolic surgery, the center for urology, and the center for gut, liver and advanced laparoscopic surgery. There are also many specialty clinics offered at PanAsia, including a thyroid clinic, a pain management clinic, and a PanAsia hernia clinic. PanAsia surgeons try to always use the most minimally invasive surgeries when possible, which is why they have a Da Vinci four-arm robotic surgical machine for prostate cancer treatment. Surgeons at PanAsia perform laparoscopic operations using tiny keyhole incisions in the umbilicus. A few of the major doctors at this clinic include Dr. Melvin Look, Dr. Denis Cheong, and Dr. Sam Peh Oon Hui. PanAsia Surgery Group now has three locations in Singapore, each of them deeply committed to delivering the best quality service possible.

General Information


None None Dr. Sam Peh Oon Hui

Dr. Sam Peh Oon Hui

None None Dr. Melvin Look Chee Meng

Dr. Melvin Look Chee Meng

None None Dr. Ganesh Ramalingam

Dr. Ganesh Ramalingam

None None Dr. Denis Cheong Mun Onn

Dr. Denis Cheong Mun Onn

None None Dr. Pearllyn Quek

Dr. Pearllyn Quek

None None Dr. Cheng Shin Chuen

Dr. Cheng Shin Chuen


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