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Plénido Dental

Located in Barcelona, Spain

Plenido Dental, located at Ronda General Mitre, Barcelona, is known throughout the country as Spain's "Smile Experts." Local as well as international patients are the recipients of the finest care in dentistry. Plenido Dental Barcelona offers four specialized areas in the dental field, including cosmetic dentistry, preventative dentistry, and implantology. Plenido Dental was the first dental clinic in Spain to specialize in implant rehabilitation, backed by lifelong warranties.

Plenido Dental Barcelona is one of a group of 8 related dental clinics located throughout Spain, offering top quality care from more than 200 licensed and qualified dental professionals. Founded in 1990, Plenido Dental Barcelona has successfully treated thousands of international patients visiting Spain for a short duration and seeking top quality dental care at an affordable price.

Among its most popular services is the "Teeth In A Day" option for men and women missing teeth, as well as Zygomatic Implants for those experiencing severe bone loss. Its experienced and caring staff handles cosmetic improvements such as teeth whitening and veneers to correct worn and chipped teeth, as well as doing teeth straightening using the latest invisible "Invisalign" braces. Children are also welcome at Plenido Dental Barcelona for pediatric checkups and cleanings.

General Information


None None Dr. Sergio Rodríguez Silva

Dr. Sergio Rodríguez Silva

None None Dr. Carlos Aparicio MD

Dr. Carlos Aparicio MD

None None  DDS


None None  MSc


None None  MSc


None None  DLT


None None  PhD


None None Dr. Gonzalo Crespo

Dr. Gonzalo Crespo

None None Dr. Pilar Fenoy

Dr. Pilar Fenoy

None None Dr. Jonas Nunes

Dr. Jonas Nunes


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Ronda General Mitre, 72-74, Barcelona



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