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Promedent Clinic

Located in Tijuana, Mexico

The Promedent Clinic is a dental office in Mexico that offers general treatment as well as specialty services for those who have severe issues that deal with the teeth. The highly trained dentists and assistants will provide comfort while patients are in the office and offer education about oral hygiene.

Orthodontic treatment is available for those who want straight teeth. Patients who are missing teeth or who have damaged teeth can get porcelain crowns or bridges to give stability back to the mouth. Basic services that include fillings and cleanings are offered to keep the mouth and teeth as healthy as possible. Dental sealants are done to protect teeth, especially those of children, from getting cavities. Those who need a tooth removed because of an infection or another health issue have access to an extraction procedure. All treatments are done in a safe manner and with the latest technology to provide comfort for the patient.

General Information

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None None Dr. Grelda Valencia

Dr. Grelda Valencia

None None Dr. Miriam Reyes

Dr. Miriam Reyes

None None Dr. Juan Trejo

Dr. Juan Trejo

None None Dr. Alberto Mayan

Dr. Alberto Mayan

None None Dr. Sergio Arzamendi

Dr. Sergio Arzamendi

None None Dr. Maria Esthela Ahumada

Dr. Maria Esthela Ahumada

None None Dr. Martha Soto

Dr. Martha Soto

None None Dr. Mary Tejeda

Dr. Mary Tejeda

None None Dr. Karina Molina

Dr. Karina Molina


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#603, Antonio Caso 2055, Zona Urbana Rio, 22310 Tijuana, Mexico



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