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Refractive Center Prague

Refractive Center Prague is one of the most advanced centers for refractive eye surgery in the world. This center was founded in the Czech capital by ophthalmologists Pavel Kuchynka and Petr Novák in 2002. Today, Dr. Petr Novák serves as the center’s head surgeon alongside Dr. Sylva Procházková. Both of these surgeons have thousands of successful operations under their belt, and they ensure all their patients that they are in safe hands at this surgical center. The Refractive Center Prague has been using the VISX STAR S4 IR laser and the femtosecond iFS laser to perform laser eye surgery. Both of these lasers can be combined on the new iDESIGN technology to perform iLASIK surgery, which is one of the safest eye surgeries in the business. Everyone who visits the Refractive Center Prague must go through a vigorous eye screening to test whether or not refractive surgery will work for his or her condition. If it turns out that the staff at Refractive Center Prague don’t feel comfortable using laser refractive surgery, they can help patients with intraocular surgical procedures and/or contact lenses. For those who want aesthetic procedures, Refractive Center Prague offers Botox, Restylane, and plastic surgeries for eyelids. This center is located in the Bredovský dvůr complex, very close to the Muzeum metro stop.

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None None Dr. Sylva Procházková, M.D., Ph.D. ,Dr. Petr Novak, M.D. ,Dr. David Klečka, M.D.

Dr. Sylva Procházková, M.D., Ph.D. ,Dr. Petr Novak, M.D. ,Dr. David Klečka, M.D.


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REFRAKČNÍ CENTRUM PRAHA s.r.o. Olivova 948/4,110 00, Prague


Czech Republic

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