Renewme Skin Clinic (Dongdaemoon)

Located in Seoul, South Korea, Renewme Skin Clinic provides a wide range of top of the line treatments while always ensuring that the patient experience is as comfortable as possible. Dr. Kim Jung Geun, MDS utilizes state of the art technology when performing his numerous services, which include treatments for acne, rosacea, pigmentation, psoriasis, dermatitis, scars and age spots. Other treatments include fat grafts and facial thread veins treatment.

To ensure that all patients, whether local or international, are able to be comfortable in all situations the facility offers individual consultations complete with native speaking interpreters readily available. No treatment is ever begun until the client has this consultation. Additionally, the clinic understands the delicate nature of certain consultations and provides you the option to choose the gender of the individual in charge of your consultation.

With a professional staff of 20 Dermatologists, Renewme Skin Clinic works daily to maintain its reputation for being efficient and affordable. Close proximity to the subway ensures that the clinic is easy to find. In order to make booking an appointment as convenient as possible, the clinic offers late weekday hours, and is open on Saturdays.

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