The Samsung Medical Center in Seoul, South Korea, is a world leading provider in modern medicine treatments. Upon their opening in 1994, the Samsung Medical Center has dedicated itself to making patient satisfaction and excellent customer service its number one priority. It strives to make this the norm for all hospitals and has set the bar very high in terms of outstanding patient care and satisfaction. The high standard of excellence at Samsung Medical Center has garnered much deserved attention, as they have won first place in the National Customer Service Satisfaction Index 14 times. They have won first place in the Korean Satisfaction Customer Index 16 times and have won first place 12 times consecutively in the Korean Standard Service Quality Index. The Samsung Medical Center is constantly looking towards the future and seeking innovative ways to better treat patients. They are continually striving to uphold their reputation as one of the world's top medical facilities and leaders in the future of medicine. Seoul, South Korea, is a beautiful and safe city that is always welcoming and accommodating to foreigners.

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Dr. Doo-ho Choi

None None Dr. Doo-ho Choi

Dr. Tae-Gook Jun

None None Dr. Tae-Gook Jun

Dr. Whan Eoh

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Dr. Jae-Hoon Chung

None None Dr. Jae-Hoon Chung

Dr. Yoon-Go Kim

None None Dr. Yoon-Go Kim

Dr. Young-Hyuck Im

None None Dr. Young-Hyuck Im

Dr. Hyung Jin Shin

None None Dr. Hyung Jin Shin

Dr. Kyong Ran Peck

None None Dr. Kyong Ran Peck

Dr. Hoon-Suk Cha

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Dr. Jae-Moon Bae

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