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Sarvodaya Hospital and Research Center

Located in Faridabad, India

The Sarvodaya Hospital and Research Center located in Dehli, India, is driven to deliver the world's best treatment in medical care. Their philosophy is "happiness for all." They strive to embody this philosophy every day by providing patients with high-quality care in a warm and welcoming atmosphere amongst state-of-the-art facilities. They believe that everyone has a right to quality health care, no matter what their background. Offering this quality health care at an affordable cost is always a priority to Sarvodaya Hospital. From its humble beginnings, Sarvodaya Hospital has grown into a highly reputable medical center that sets the bar for excellence in medical treatment. Their highly qualified and professional staff utilizes the latest innovative and cutting-edge technologies to ensure patients are receiving the best care possible. The staff continuously trains and researches to ensure that they are at the forefront in understanding and developing new methods of medical care. They are also huge advocates of the curing through caring philosophy. From the moment patients enter the building, the staff at Sarvodaya Hospital puts forth every effort to ensure they feel welcomed and attended to every step of the way. India is quickly emerging as a leader in the medical tourism industry. Many foreign patients flock to this hospital every year because of its reputation for delivering world-class care.

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YMCA Road , Sector-8, Near ESI Hospital Faridabad, India



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