Saudi German Hospital in Dubai is part of a large group of private hospitals that provides superior healthcare services to patients in the Middle East and North Africa. It was started in 2012 by the Batterjee family where the hospital group is a leader of the healthcare industry in the region. The hospital accommodates several specialties, including a cancer center, a diabetes center and dental and maxillofacial services. It even has a pediatric surgery department.

International patients are welcome at Saudi German Hospital Dubai where patients are treated to a wide variety of medical services, such as patient medical history, extensive physical examinations and other treatments as they are deemed necessary.

As may be expected, Saudi German Hospital Dubai received an award for being “The Best Private Hospital 2016.” The 316-bed facility has many sub-specialties and critical care areas as well as a myriad of specialties, such as the ones listed above.

People from all over the world are welcome to visit as the hospital has staff members who speak more than 35 languages, including English, Arabic, French and Italian. The highly specialized staff at Saudi German Hospital Dubai will ensure you medical visit runs as worry-free as possible.

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Dr. Reem Osman

None None Dr. Reem Osman

Dr. Houssein Ali Mustafa

None None Dr. Houssein Ali Mustafa

Dr. Safwat Galal Eldin El Shafey

None None Dr. Safwat Galal Eldin El Shafey

Dr. Rachna Sahityani

None None Dr. Rachna Sahityani

Dr. Kadry Barry

None None Dr. Kadry Barry

Dr. Khalid A Batterjee

None None Dr. Khalid A Batterjee

Dr. Samir Yacout

None None Dr. Samir Yacout

Dr. Thanaa Ward

None None Dr. Thanaa Ward

Dr. Kamalesh Pal

None None Dr. Kamalesh Pal
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