The Schmieder Clinic in Allensbach is one of six closely connected neurological centers in Germany. It was established in 1950, and treats patients in all stages and degrees of severity. As Germany’s leading hospital in the area of neuro medicine, Schmieder Clinic is actively shaping the future of neurological treatment and rehabilitation. They are also committed to research and developing enhanced rehab strategies.

The clinic’s staff applies the highest standards in patient care. Their medical experts offer: intensive care, rehabilitation, modern diagnostic, and neurocognitive specialization. Furthermore, the hospital features a sleep lab with a focus on neurology.

The private part of the clinic, Haus Boden, is for patients from abroad. Multi- lingual staff members take great care in providing an atmosphere that’s sensitive to the patients’ cultural needs.

Schmieder Clinic knows how important friends and family are in the recovery of a patient, which is why they offer the accommodation of an accompanying person in the hospital room with the patient, or at a nearby guest apartment.

The center in Allensbach is surrounded by nature and offers a scenic view. They work towards achieving measurable results, highest quality, and a comfortable stay for their patients.

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