Located in Kochi, India, Silverline Hospital specializes in providing diabetic treatment and education to those who have been recently diagnosed or who want to learn more about the disease. Comprehensive medical care is provided by some of the best doctors in India who understand diabetes and how it affects the body. Treatments dealing with the thyroid, pancreas and other areas of the body that are affected by the disease are also provided along with other diagnostic and treatment options for other conditions.

When patients enter the hospital, they are greeted with a modern building that has spacious rooms. Each room is designed so that it makes patients feel like they are at home instead of in a hospital. The latest technology is used when treatments are provided. The goal of the hospital doctors and staff is to provide compassionate care while educating patients and the community about diabetes and other diseases that they might not know about.

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Dr. Tom Babu

None None Dr. Tom Babu

Dr. Ajish T P

None None Dr. Ajish T P

Dr. Ranjith Sukumar

None None Dr. Ranjith Sukumar

Dr. G Vivek Anand

None None Dr. G Vivek Anand

Dr. V. Anathakrishna Bhatt

None None Dr. V. Anathakrishna Bhatt

Dr. Roy Varghese

None None Dr. Roy Varghese

Dr. Jijo Jose

None None Dr. Jijo Jose

Dr. Manoj P. Joseph

None None Dr. Manoj P. Joseph

Dr. Vinod Padmanabhan

None None Dr. Vinod Padmanabhan
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