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Sonrie Estudio Dental

Located in Barcelona, Spain

At Sonrie Estudio Dental, filling a cavity or getting any kind of dental treatment does not have to be a chore. Located in the beautiful and historic city of Barcelona, the professional and multi-lingual staff can treat everything from wisdom teeth to bone grafts to teeth-whitening, all in an office that has been designed to look as comfortable as a hotel to those seeking treatment.

The clinic offers a comprehensive package for care, including x-rays, pre-treatment consultations and even free post-treatment checkups and work, if needed. The dental studio also offers the same services for children.

International visitors can make an appointment and seek treatment with ease; Sonrie Estudio Dental assists with hotel bookings, medical records transfer and even family accommodation. While the staff can assist in over five different languages, additional translation services are provided so that exceptional dental care is afforded to any traveler.

General Information

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None None Prof. Miguel Merino Arends

Prof. Miguel Merino Arends

None None Dr. Adriana Castejon

Dr. Adriana Castejon

None None Dr. Ivette Marqués Güell

Dr. Ivette Marqués Güell

None None Dr. Johnny Onori Figueras

Dr. Johnny Onori Figueras

None None Caridad Lucas Martin

Caridad Lucas Martin


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Carrer Vint-i-Sis de Gener 1641, 46, 08014 Barcelona, Spain



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