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The OCM - Orthopedic Surgery Center in Munich

Located in Munich, Germany

The OCM, also known as the Orthopedic Surgery center in Munich (Orthopädische Chirurgie München), is a private medical establishment and associated clinic exclusively dedicated to injuries and diseases of the human locomotory system. The OCM employs approximately 20 physicians who specialize in one or more orthopedic fields, thereby giving the facility an outstanding reputation for high-quality orthopedic care.

Special clinical focus is given to the subspecialties of arthroscopy, shoulder and elbow surgery, hand and foot surgery, spinal surgery, replacement surgeries for hip, knee and shoulder, ankle surgery, cartilage surgery and knee surgery. The facility also has a dedicated maximum care endoprosthetics centre for individuals with artificial limbs. OCM prides itself on its ability to offer an exceptional level of medical care through its in-patient hospital, Sana Klinik Sendling and an accompanying MRI centre. Since 2012, OCM has been certified by ClarCert as a maximum care arthroplasty center (EPZ).

OCM has an extensive program to support international patients, especially those from outside of Europe, who want to come to the facility for treatment. The OCM international office helps patients get treatment and also deals with the administrative aspects of international patients such as procuring visas.

General Information


None None Prof. Dr. med. Hans Hertlein

Prof. Dr. med. Hans Hertlein

None None Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Kalteis

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Kalteis

None None Prof. Dr. med. Martin Jung

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Jung

None None Prof. Dr. med. Hermann Mayr

Prof. Dr. med. Hermann Mayr

None None Prof. Dr. Ernst Wiedemann

Prof. Dr. Ernst Wiedemann

None None PD Dr. med. Robert Hube

PD Dr. med. Robert Hube

None None PD Dr. med. Michael Dienst

PD Dr. med. Michael Dienst

None None Dr. med. Wolfgang Bracker

Dr. med. Wolfgang Bracker

None None Dr. med. Markus Schrödel

Dr. med. Markus Schrödel

None None Dr. med. Manuel Köhne

Dr. med. Manuel Köhne

None None Dr. med. Heidrun Albach

Dr. med. Heidrun Albach

None None Dr. med. Gabriel Wasmer

Dr. med. Gabriel Wasmer

None None Dr. med. Ernst-Otto Münch

Dr. med. Ernst-Otto Münch

None None Dr. med. Claudius Zeiler

Dr. med. Claudius Zeiler

None None Dr. med. Christian Massing

Dr. med. Christian Massing

None None Dr. med. Alexander Kirgis

Dr. med. Alexander Kirgis


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OCM - Orthopädische Chirurgie München, Steinerstraße 6, 81369 München



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