The University Hospital of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo Hospital is the core center for medical science and care in Japan. Tracing its earliest roots back to 1858, this world-class medical facility has managed to keep up with the latest technology so that every patient can receive the most advanced care. Whether you require outpatient care, diagnostic testing or surgery, you will have access to a team of medical services that can greatly enhance your quality of life. The University of Tokyo Hospital also includes a staff of cardiologists, neurologists and other specialists who can address very specific medical concerns. Your private patient room may include a television with a DVD/video player along with a compact kitchen, walk-in closet and other great amenities to make your stay even more comfortable. Your meals will be specially prepared by a dietary who will take all your dietary requirements into consideration. Multilingual staff members are able to prepare detailed medical reports in English so that you can review your specific treatments.

All treatments


(2 procedures)

Weight Loss Surgery 

(7 procedures)
  • Gastric Band Removal
  • Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass
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