The Transmed Clinic is here to help those who are looking for a hair transplant. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the facility boasts courteous and professional staff members who are ready and willing to give patients the hair that they desire. Hair transplants are also done for those who have lost their hair due to illnesses or injuries to the head.

There are several methods available, such as the FUE Technique and the IceGraft method. Each type of procedure is discussed in depth before the patient decides on the solution that fits best. The office has been offering hair support for over 21 years. Only the latest technology is used when hair is transplanted, giving the most comfort possible for the patient so that the procedure is done in a short time. Procedures are painless, and the staff will give all of the information needed for proper care of the hair for when patients go home.

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Dr. Melike Kulahci

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