From cosmetic dentistry to orthodontics, Uni-Dent in Poland ensures that patients are comfortable with any process that is offered. The office bases all procedures on each patient's individual needs. Dentists and staff use medications when needed so that patients don't feel pain during procedures, such as root canals or tooth extractions. Cosmetic procedures that can brighten the smile include teeth whitening, sandblasting and ultrasound brushing in order to give a beautiful smile that patients desire.

The office specializes in periodontal disease treatment. Through sandblasting, the dentist will be able to remove the calculus that has set up on the front and back of each tooth. Fluoridation is also used to strengthen the teeth between professional cleanings. The dentists and staff will provide education to patients so that they know what type of brush to use and the products that are best to use on the teeth until the next visit to the dentist.

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