White Dental Group is one of Singapore's premiere, multi-discipline practices. They provide general dental care and specialized dental procedures in one convenient location. The color white represents honesty, purity, cleanliness and prestige in Singapore's culture. It also represents the ideal shade we all want to achieve for our teeth to have a beautiful smile. For these reasons, the name White Dental Group was chosen to represent this facility.

White Dental Group provides a comprehensive range of services. They do routine check-ups, orthodontics, bridges, fillings, crowns, extractions, root canals, wisdom tooth extractions and more. They serve adult patients and also provide children's dentistry care. You can also come to White Dental Group for cosmetic procedures. They do implants, veneers and teeth whitening to give you the best smile possible.

White Dental Group is located in the basement of Balmoral Plaza in Bukit Timah. This is near Newton on the outskirts of Orchard's Town. The location has plenty of parking in a convenient location. The practice is staffed with friendly professionals with years of experience in the business.

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