Located in Petaling Jaya, WhiteZone Dental is an office that is set apart from other dental offices because it believes in protecting the environment. Materials that are used are free of mercury, making them safe for both patients and the planet. The office does everything possible to minimize the amount of waste that is thrown away from paper products to materials that are used with each procedure. The safest techniques are used to provide patients with a comfortable experience. The least toxic techniques are also used, which are safer for the patient as they won't get any of the harsh chemicals in the mouth that are associated with some dental procedures.

Pain is kept at a minimum with each procedure that is done. Each exam room is designed so that it's warm and welcoming while still offering the latest technologies in dental developments. This is an office that is ideal for patients who have a fear of going to the dentist as the doctor and nurses will do everything possible to help patients feel at ease.

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