Zi Institute of Plastic Surgery and Dermaesthetics

For a more stylish and sophisticated you, visit the Zi Institute of Plastic Surgery and Dermaesthetic. Located in Quezon City, Philippines; they offer the procedures you want, such as dermatology to remove unwanted skin blemishes and breast augmentation.

Founded by Dr Lutgardo "Jun" Caparas and his wife, Dr. Maria Cynthia Sumulong-Caparas; their goal is to provide high-quality dermatological, plastic, and reconstructive surgery in the Philippines to all without prejudice. They offer four area of medical and surgical appearance assistance in: body contouring (such as tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and liposuction), facial contouring (such as autologous fat transfer, facelift, and Botox), dermaesthetics (such as acne treatment, fractional microneedling RF, and chemical peel), reconstructive surgery (such as cleft lip and palate, skin tumors, and scar revision).

Located in Quezon's City's South Triangle district, the area provides a variety of shopping and dining experiences, from traditional Philippine dishes to Korean grill to American favorites. You'll enjoy your stay in the Philippines.

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